February 7, 2018

10 Day Juicing Tips For Recovery

Medicinal juicing, also known as a detox juice diet is a process that you allow your body to go through in order to cleanse your system, detoxify your body and brings several health benefits to you as well. There medicinal juicing or the detox juice diet is often performed over a specific time period. The most popular juice diets that have gained immense popularity with people in the past few recent years are the 3-day juice diet and the 10-juice diet. In this article, we are focusing on the 10-day juice diet.

What Exactly Are You Doing by Juicing Veggies and Fruits?

When you ask a doctor for the best health recommendation and the juicer reviews, the medical experts always advise you to keep your diet jam-packed with fresh vegetable and fruits. Why so? Vegetables and fruits are full with natural goodness and high nutritional value. On average, every person needs to consume 7 to 8 veggies or fruits in a day. By juicing, you are consuming more than the average ratio but the mode of consuming is liquid form.

Tips for 10-Day Juicing Diet

On a 10-days juicing diet, you are putting your body through a gruesome process of only living on liquid juices for 10 days straight. Whilst it might seem very difficult to survive on only juices for 10-days straight, it is actually much better for your body than living on solid foods as your digestive system gets relief from breaking down foods into smaller, digestible components. You can make your 10-days diet nevertheless very easy only if you follow fasting recipes or just start the following the below easy juicing tips.

Tip 1

You can utilize mixed fruit or vegetable juice by blending in a grinder to intake maximum nutrition in one go.

Tip 2

To feel fuller for longer, you can consume a full glass of juice every 2 to 3 hours.

Tip 3

Never dilute your juice with water. This decreases it nutritional value and makes it lighter which can make you feel hungry more often.

Tip 4

If you want to feel variety throughout your day, you can try consuming a single fruit or vegetable juice.

Tip 5

If only juicing diet is difficult for you, you can replace it with a substitute meal diet.

Benefits of Juicing Diet

Why should you go on a 10-days juice diet in the first place? Only because it offers a lot of benefits for your body.

  • Helps in increased nutrient absorption
  • Makes digestion easier and improves digestive system health
  • Facilitates the process of weight loss
  • Helpful to control increased levels of cholesterol
  • Helpful to regulate blood sugar
  • Makes the skin healthier, shinier and smoother