December 29, 2018

Advanced Nutrient Therapy Benefits

Advanced Nutrient Therapy is a term used for custom made nutrients. Rather than taking in prescribed vitamins and minerals at a food store, these are manufactured in the laboratory and are mixed with vitamins, amino acids, and other minerals.

What Does Advanced Nutrient Therapy Do?

Advanced nutrient therapy induces serotonin and other toxins in the brain to stimulate good feelings. People who possess behavioral and mood disorders have chemical imbalances. This offers an alternative approach for balancing improper neurotransmitter activity. Here are some common imbalances.

  1. Methylation

This is one of the crucial pathways for the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and epinephrine. This imbalance results in over or underproduction of these neurotransmitters. People with this have anxiety, panic disorder, depression, compulsive behavior, and sleep disorder.

  1. Metal Metabolism

Metals like zinc and copper play an important role in keeping your brain balanced. If there is a deficiency in zinc then the active brain cells can’t carry out their tasks at their full potential. Zinc is the most important nutrient for the brain to produce neurotransmitter. This deficiency is very common in people and can be determined from a simple blood test. Copper imbalance can change brain chemistry. People have this deficiency due to genetical impulse. The consumption of high copper can elevate the copper levels and can result in overexcitation.

  1. Pyrrole Disorder

This is usually a byproduct of hemoglobin in the body and is removed through urine. A large amount of pyrrole production can result in high temper, poor memory, and frequent infections.

Advanced Nutrient Therapy attacks these imbalances and makes sure the nutrients go in the right places

How Does Advanced Nutrient Therapy Work?

A healthy diet is important for a human body but sometimes it is just not enough for them to get the right nutrients to the brain. Sometimes there might be a need for an excessive amount of vitamin or calcium to remove its deficiency which normal diet cannot fulfill. This is where advanced nutrient therapy comes in. The medicinal herbs and other custom-made prescribed nutrients are given to you to consume which are normally in a small amount but are rich which the ingredients you need to have your brain fully functioning.

Another option is to find and use Nutrient extractor style blenders. These types of blenders are becoming very popular all around the world and people are using them to extract juice but leaving in the pump. However, there isn’t much that’s known how it relates to postprandial glucose levels. Here are a few links to recipes that use blenders:

Is This Therapy Safe?

This therapy involves consuming nutrients and are considered safe. The medications that are prescribed are mostly for mood disorders. This therapy doesn’t rely heavily on medication and gradually has a very safe way of balancing the neurotransmitters in your brain.

Benefits of Advanced Nutrient Therapy

A major benefit of advanced nutrient therapy is that it has no side effects that come with mood disorder medications. This therapy uses natural nutrients for the brain rather than having artificial medications.

Advanced nutrient therapy is very helpful if you use this along with the counseling. You can see the results gradually. If you suffer from anxiety, depression or any other symptoms, visit a therapy clinic. As time progresses, advanced nutrient therapy may even take over the psychiatric medicines that are being used as a cure for mental illness.