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Botox for Headaches?

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Believe it or not botox is used to treat migrane headaches

The primary means of  Botox plastic surgery injections techniques is the ability of muscle relaxation, in which it is introduced. That’s why Botox is extremely useful in those cases when you need to get rid of cramps and muscle tension – headaches, backaches. To cut the long story short the migraine headaches botox. Beside it botox is used for dystonia as well.

Of course, with only one migraine headaches Botox cannot get rid of a serious illness associated with any pain or impairment. For any disease to implement integrated measures, so migraine headaches Botox can be attributed only as an additional treatment.

A qualified specialist will not prescribe Botox injections to all patients suffering from head and neck pain. Botulinum toxin fights only with muscle overexertion, and headache is not always accompanied them. Only when the pain is just muscle strain Botox is justified and will yield positive results. But if the pain is caused by other reasons for needle use will not be.

Restriction of using botox for migraine headaches

It is important to know that pregnant women who suffer from migraine headaches Botox is not recommended because of its impact on a woman’s body in such a state has not been tested. Cases where a woman applied Botox, not knowing about her pregnancy, are not enough. Moreover the pregnant women are not to go for plastic surgery botox because of the same reason have been mentioned above.