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How Botox Works

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This cosmetic prescription medication On a botulinumtoxinA, more commonly referred to as Botox, is injected into the muscles with the intent of temporarily improving the look of the face. This is the first and only FDA Approved prescription known to improve the appearances of crow’s feet and frown lines.

botoxYou can get wrinkles from many factors. This includes collagen depletion, damage caused by free radicals, and cellular changes. The muscles beneath the brows contract when you concentrate and the muscles around the eyes contract when you squint. These two activities result in the skin folding, commonly known as crow’s feet. This is where botox comes into play. It works beneath the surface of the skin to target those muscles creating wrinkles.

How Many Injections Do I Need

If you are wanting to reduce the look of crow’s feet around your brows expect to have three injections per side, so six injections total. These will be placed in the orbicularis oculi, or the muscle that surrounds the side of the eye.

For frown lines you will receive a total of five injections. These will go into the two muscles of the foreheads. Expect one injection in the procerus muscle and four in the corrugator muscles.

Outcome of Botox Injections

This technique-sensitive cosmetic treatment will not eliminate your ability to show expression as long as you choose a surgeon that specializes in botox injections. This results of this type of procedure on highly dependent on the physician. This is why you want to pick a doctor that has the necessary experience to provide you with the results you desire. Expect to see results within 24 to 48 hours after the injections. The results will become extremely visible around the thirty day mark.

Your medical provider will use ice or another substance, such as a topical cream, to numb the treatment areas prior to the botox injections. Be sure to discuss both your goals and current medical status with your doctor prior to undergoing in treatment. Tell your doctor about all the medications you are taking, any conditions you have, past surgical procedures, and anything else that could affect the results of the botox treatment.

Side Effects

There are a few side effects you need to be aware of and discuss with your doctor before having the injections. These include discomfort or pain at the injection site, headache, tiredness, dry mouth, neck pain, and / or eye problems. If you experience any of these side effects post surgery be sure to get in contact with your doctor to get further instructions.