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The Bad side to Botox Injections

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Negative Side Effects of Botox

The one complication with Botox that you definitely do not want is ptosis, or drooping, of the eyelid after injection. This happens for one of two reasons. Either the physician injects Botox into the wrong muscle-the wrong muscle being the thin wispy muscle in your eyelid that raises it. The second reason happens when the variability in muscular anatomy and muscular strength between patients. In some patients the eyelid muscle is a little too weak to do the job on its own.

Some questions to think about before seeing your doctor:

Have you ever been diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder such as myasthenia gravis or Lamber-Eaton syndrome? If you have, Botox injections are not for you.

Do you currently have an infection being treated with antibiotics? Certain antibiotics preclude the use of Botox.

Is there a possibility that you are pregnant?

Are you trying to become pregnant? Most doctors will not inject patients who are nursing, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant.

Have you had Botox injections before?

Have you ever had droopy eyelid after a Botox injection?

All these questions need to be answered before you are injected. If your physician doesn’t want to know these answers, you should consider another Botox injector.

Bruising after a Botox Injection

Another big problem that can follow a Botox injection is bruising. Bruising is definitely not so bad as droopy eyelid, but there are different degrees of bruising. Any time we have a needle pierce our skin there is the possibility of a bruise. A bruise is simply blood that has escaped from its blood vessel and is trapped within the tissues of the body. Sometimes the type of bruise is similar to a boxer getting hit in the skin around his eye and turning black-and-blue. This type of bruise is when the blood vessel has been crushed against the bone underneath.

Fortunately, the needle is a relatively small sharp object, and won’t cause huge bruises. Any area of the face can bruise after an injection. One area that is prone to bruising more that others is the area around the eye, with wrinkles called crow’s feet. This area is very thin and delicate, and contains many fairly large blood vessels and veins.

Costs of Botox Injections

Your fee for Botox will depend on how many areas you have injected, where you live, and the doctor you go to see. Injections range from $500 to $1,500. The initial fee may be higher due to the doctors consultation, which is usually perfromed on the same day as the injections. Some doctors charge a flat rate no matter how many areas you have injected, they do this because they belive you could benefit from multiple injections, like frown lines, smile wrinkles, and your neck.

How much will Botox cost over several years? Well the inital effects of Botox generally last between three to six month. Some patients schedule their appointments for every three months, while others squeeze everything they can out of their injections and call for an appointment as soon as they notice motion again. Generally you can expect to pay $3,000 a year for your Botox injections.