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Lip Fillers, what to know before you inject.

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There are many terms for the procedure of Lip Implanting, from lip implants, to lip augmentation, to lip injections and even lip enhancement, but they all mean the same thing. People have a desire and need for lips that are more puffy, plump, defined, shaped, soft and full. They schedule an appointment, get tested for allergic reactions, later undergo a surgery and often have a second treatment not long after the surgery to make the effects last for more time. The benefits from the lip enhancements affect a person’s viewpoint of their self, their social life, sometimes their career and even their happier soul.

Lip Fillers

Some discomfort may be felt following the procedure, but usually cannot be labeled as “pain”. Most patients are safe to return to work the very next day. Procedures vary in time they take to complete, anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Some procedures may use just a topical anesthetic while others will use anesthesia. The results are usually seen on the day of the surgery. The herb arnica montana reduces swelling for patients.

How long lip implants last will depend on the experience of the professional providing the lip implants, the material used and the dedication of the customer. Patients often receive two treatments within six months, for results that will last years. This means that the persons on both ends would benefit from taking responsibility to make the implants last all they are worth, by making second appointments. Most customers choose to have their lips redone after some time, to ensure constant luscious lips. The reason it doesn’t usually last forever is because the material used is absorbed into the body.

Since the results vary from person to person, and material used, whether fat, gore-tex, hyaluronic acid, collagen, AlloDerm silicone oil or restylane, there’s not an exact time frame that everyone gets their lip injection redone. The side effects vary from allergic reactions or infection to swelling and numbness, but these are only experienced three to ten percent of the time, (counting the trial tests for allergic reactions before surgery). Fat, silicone oil and AlloDerm are the longest lasting options, where collagen and restylane need redone anywhere from three months to a year later. The concern some have with silicone oil is that it is so permanent, if the customer is unhappy with the lip size it probably will never go down. Any customer with more questions is welcome to contact their very own Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. The hardest part is over, officially found is the best choice for lip injections Los Angeles residents.

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