February 4, 2018

What Is A Vacuum Massage?

Vacuum massage as the name suggests is a therapy massage technique. This massage technique is very effective and popular therapy technique in the medical world today as it is known to bring several health benefits to people. It is most commonly used for body sculpting, reducing the cellulite levels of the body and is also known to be very effective for the treatment of certain diseases. It is best known for providing treatment for pneumonia, bronchitis, fever, colds and muscle pains and soreness.

The basic technique of this massage technique is to create vacuum flow beneath the skin that promotes the flow of blood in your vessels throughout the skin and body. Similar, but also much different from vacuum sealers that are sold on sites like vacuum sealer reviews, this makes blood reaches your lymph nodes, body tissues and muscles and flow effectively throughout your body. This also makes the blood reach all internal organs – regulating their functionality.

Main Aim of Vacuum Massage

cupping therapy massage
cupping therapy massage

The main of the vacuum massage is to fight against the stubborn and persistent cellulite in the human body. In fact, after years of effectively delivering it is now considered the most effective, efficient and trustworthy treatment for the body to fight cellulite. Hence, the outcome is an elastic skin with lower levels of fat restraining it.

How Is It Done?

Vacuum massage is done with the help of a rubber glass or a silicone massager. There are only a few things needs to be done right when performing the massage.

  • The skin should not be dry at time of massage. Use any oil to grease skin.
  • Hand movements should be in three directions only – straight, circular and zigzag.
  • Massage for only 5 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes to allow blood flow.

Highlight Features of Vacuum Massage

  • It is 100% effective when it comes down to fighting cellulite in the human body
  • It is a very easy therapy technique that you can DIY by following simple instructions at home
  • It is not expensive. You only need a rubber glass to get going.
  • It does not require much professional expertise.

Benefits of Vacuum Massage

The benefits associated with vacuum massage are countless. It is the benefits in the first place that make it such a popular treatment amongst people these days.

  • Muscular Pain Relief

It is helpful to relieve muscle pain. Muscle soreness and pain is a common problem that people have to face. Vacuum massage helps to instantly relieve muscle pain.

  • Relaxation for Stiff Muscles

Relaxation is another benefit that you can enjoy, thanks to this therapeutic massage technique. The muscle become relaxed and ease out as blood flow improves.

  • Boost Energy Levels

This therapy also helps to boost the energy levels within the human body making a person energetic and more active.