April 17, 2018

What’s All The Hoopla On Inversion Tables?

This post is from one of our readers…

I despise folks who take shortcuts to fitness and especially people who say they can’t find the time to live a healthy life. Just yesterday a friend of mine sounded all excited on the phone with his latest acquisition – an inversion table! I said, what? Inversion table, that’s like some sort of ironing equipment or what? Quite honestly I had no idea there was such an equipment, I mean who would in their right mind want to stay inverted? It isn’t the natural position of a human body neither does it help in staying fit or even burning calories. Well, that was until I experienced it firsthand.

The way my friend put it, if you buy and use of the best inversion tables, it’s supposed to help your back relax and relieve all the tension built up from years of handling the entire body’s weight. If that was the case, wouldn’t someone have discovered this idea say a couple of hundred years ago? Astonishingly, the Egyptians had already performed a crude method of inversion during their golden years and it has just come to our attention in the 21st century. Well, words apart I raised my ankle into the odd contraption, shut them tight and extended my arms above my head to see what all the inversion hoopla was about. My word, what an amazing thrill it was. Simply inverting caused my back to feel weightless and that, in turn, gave my entire body a lot of relaxation!

About ten minutes into a partial inversion, I came back into orientation unable to take any more of the dizziness. But one thing was proven beyond any doubt that inversion tables might seem weird at first but the idea behind one is anything but odd. In fact, soon after I started my own research to find out just why inversion therapy works and what are its benefits if any.

My research led me to understand that inverting in varying degrees of inclination automatically exert pressure on different regions of the back, which in turn can help alleviate sciatica, back pain, disc joint issues and many things. However, I did not appreciate the fact that many of the websites openly admitted to its enormous inversion table benefits without citing any evidence. It was only after reading a few online dissertations and articles by doctors did I finally concede that inversion therapy is actually well worth trying out regardless of whether you have back problems or simply want to live stress free.